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Save $$$ With The Hayward Ecostar Variable Speed Pump

How would you like to spend 90% less than you are now on pool energy cost? You can do just that and help save the environment by upgrading your current pool equipment. For new pool owners, the investment can seem huge compared to a traditional pump, but it will pay for itself in no time.

The uniqueness of variable speed pumps is that the pump matches the speed with the pools needs, eliminating the pump having to run at 100% all of the time. Running a pump at lower speeds for a long period of time uses significantly less power than running on high speed for even a very short period. In certain areas you may even be offered a rebate from your local power company to switch to an energy efficient pump.

The Ecostar can efficiently run all of your water features, pool & spa combo’s, & also comes in an safety, vacuum, release,  model for compliance with the Virginia Graham Baker act. It has a built in integrated timer so you rarely have to adjust any of the settings. It has 8 speeds to control different flow needs throughout the day due to temperature.

The Ecostar installs easily just like any other pump. It works with a wide variety of other equipment with no additional accessories required. Besides all the energy savings, you also dont have to worry about priming failures, voltage spikes, or brownouts. If you would like to know exactly how much money the Ecostar will save you, you can go to and use their energy savings calculator. It calculates based on your zip code and what energy cost’s per kwh in your area.

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