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Should I purchase my swimming pool in the winter or wait?

Inground Swimming Pool KitI get asked this question all the time and I recommend that if you want the pool installed for the summer to start the process ASAP. Building the pool early in the season gives you time just in case you have any delays. The best part of purchasing an above ground or inground pool in the winter is you will have plenty of time to do your research, compare products, prices, warranties, and companies.  Since the swimming pool industry is a very seasonal business doing research in the winter is usually much easier.  Sales people will have more quality time to spend answering your questions, without  you having to wait on hold. I recommend if you don’t have specific items you want to ask the sales person about any special offers. Most swimming pool companies run great specials in the winter and fall to help drive business.   Pool manufacturers normally have price increases in February or March so by buying early you will beat the price increases.  




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  1. Above ground pools Sussex says:

    Thanks for sharing, i found this very useful.

  2. Pool Repair Surrey says:

    I found this extremely useful as i am looking to buy a swimming pool but wasn’t sure on the best time to buy it, but this has really helped me make my decision thanks for sharing.

  3. Swimming Pool says:

    Winter is a good time to plan a swimming pool purchase. It will give times to figure out exactly what you want and schedule time to get it started in spring.

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