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Should I Use Padding and Foam Cove Under My Above Ground Swimming Pool Liner?

Foam Pad

Foam Pad

Yes, because Gorilla Pad provides the liner protection from stones, roots or other debris that could damage and cause a leak. Gorilla Pad, Happy Bottom and Foam Pad also gives the Above Ground Pool Liner some extra cushioning, lessens the occurrence of foot prints in the sand under the pad and also can lengthen the liners life. There are many different types of padding on the market today some of the common is Foam Pad, Gorilla Pad and Happy Bottom just to name a few. They all have there benefits what makes them different? Foam pad and Happy Bottom have been used for many years and vary in size, however they will need to be cut and taped to fit your pool. Gorilla Pad is made to the shape and size of your pool so the installation is quick and easy especially for the do-it-yourself jobs.  Whichever padding you choose to use we still recommend using sand as your base. Foam Cove helps cushion the liner from the pool’s sidewall and will also help with heat loss. You can use sand for your cove however the cove is quicker and easier to use and may provide better liner protection.


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  1. Installerman says:

    I think the Gorilla pad is ok. The biggest drawback is the price which is kinda high but it is a durable material. I’ve tried to cut it with a razor knife out in the field an couldn’t. Just don’t assume it’ll stop Nut grass from growing though the liner cause it will not.

  2. I always favored Gorilla Pad myself as I have enough hassle with the installation itself so not having to cut way is one less thing to worry about.

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