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Spa & Snow

Looking out the window to our backyard I can see two things; Snow and our Spa. I live in the South and down here, it doesn’t snow very often. So, I had the bright idea to heat up our spa and enjoy the snow from there! It took a few minutes to talk my husband into ‘wasting’ electricity to get in the spa, but when he finally agreed he was excited! After taking a few minutes for the spa to heat up and preparing mentally for our journey into the cold only wearing swimming suits and trunks, we were ready! First, my husband ran out, tiptoeing like he was walking on hot coals (or cold snow!). He was in and calling to me saying out wonderful it felt, but I was still a little hesitant. After another moment or two I finally held my breath and ran to the spa as fast as I could, making sure I didn’t slip and fall. Once I was in the warm spa water it quickly thawed my bones and I was able to really enjoy the snow! The snow was coming down in big flakes and our surroundings were covered in white and everything was peaceful. Having pretty scenery and being relaxed by the spa’s warm water and jets were amazing. We stayed in the spa almost an hour. When it was time to get out I was once again faced with getting out in the cold weather with only my swimming suit on. When I did get out and hop back to the house I noticed I wasn’t nearly as cold as before. Being in the warm spa water for so long, the water had raised my temperature so that when I got in the cold air my body didn’t recognize it as ‘Hey! It’s cold out here!’ which was pretty cool! When I waited at the door with a towel to hand to my husband, I noticed he had steam coming off of him when he got out. I knew he was good looking, but right then he was just hot! 😉
Ever since then I look forward to snow at night in hopes I can hop in the spa and watch the snow fall!

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  1. James says:

    I really enjoy the spa when it snows offside.

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