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Water Safety for Pets

Water Safety Tips for Pets

When it comes to your furry family members, nothing is more important than keeping them safe. And if you have a pool, then safety is on your mind—no matter the season, rhyme or reason. Although winter is in full swing, your beloved pet—whether that may be a dog cat or hopping bunny rabbit—your main concern is keeping them safe from your backyard pool. Here are some great ways to shield them, protect them and guard them from potential harm.

Invest in a Pool Safety Cover

One of the most basic and efficient ways you can keep your furry friends safe, is by ensuring your pool is properly covered. At Royal Swimming Pools, you’ll find a wide range of covers to keep everyone safe and healthy (including the overall health of your pool, itself)!

Even water dogs such golden retrievers or Labradors can suffer from hypothermia in the winter months, or without the proper training, become unable to get out of the pool independently. At Royal Swimming Pools, you’ll find a variety of automatic and manual pool covers, as well as on-deck track pool covers. Find the perfect cover for you based on your budget, size and color. When it comes to your pets, nothing is more important than keeping them safe!

Purchase a Pet Alarm

Whether you have a pool or hot tub, purchasing a pool alarm for your dog is always a good idea. The truth is, no matter how much you trust your pet, you can’t trust him around water. Did you know that even a pool cover that doesn’t drain rain water, your pet can drown from playing or drinking from the puddle? When your dog wears a pool alarm, it will notify you every time your pet comes close to the pool, hot tub or other body of water. It clips to their collar and gives you peace of mind—a win/win when it comes to pet safety!

Install a Fence Around Your Pool

While your spouse, kids (and even your pesky, free loading neighbor!) knows how to properly and safely get out of your pool, does your dog? Many pet owners make the mistake of failing to train their dog for pool safety—which can lead to a fatal mistake for some dogs who aren’t as strong a swimmer as other breeds are. Teach your dog where the steps in your pool are, and train them to get up and out of the pool, effectively. Also, installing a fence around your pool is another easy and effective preventive measure to ensure that your dog’s stay healthy all year long, no matter how much time they spend outside, unsupervised.

Having a pool is a luxury, and a privilege—so in order to take advantage of it to the fullest, you’ve got to keep everyone safe (especially your furry friends). By following our guide above, you’ll be able to do just that—all year long.

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