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Winter is upon us!

Winter is upon us!It’s that time again, winter is coming up and once you get your pools closed down for the winter what will your plans be for activities? You won’t have to worry though, even though pool season is over for the time being, Royal Swimming Pools can still assist you in your quest for enjoyable activities. Indoor games are always a big hit in the winter time. Here at royal swimming pools we have you covered. From Air hockey, Basketball tables, Foosball tables, Dart boards, Pool tables, There is surely something the whole family can enjoy. So just because the summer is over, don’t fret! There are still plenty of entertaining activites for the wintertime. Invite the whole family over, kick-start a roaring fire in the fire place and enjoy some great inside activites. The great thing about all of these activities is it doesn’t matter how good you are at them. You don’t have to be good at any of them to truly enjoy them with your family in the winter time.

For more information on all of our indoor winter games available to you, follow the link below to the indoor games section of our website. Hope you all have a great winter. Make sure to stay warm, and we will see you again in the summertime!

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