Do-It-Yourself And Save

When it comes to backyard enjoyment, you’ll have to search long and hard to find anything that offers more summer pleasure than an inground swimming pool. Nothing is better than the comfort, convenience, and privacy of an inground swimming pool in your own backyard. You can build your own swimming pool and save money. Our inground pool kits include toll-free technical construction support and a step by step manual designed for the homeowner to become the contractor or overseer of the project. You will subcontract some of the work and do some of the installation yourself.

You can find an excavation contractor in your local yellow pages or go to Look under “excavating contractor”. The average cost is $1000-$2000 depending on the pool size to dig the hole and haul away excess dirt.

The next step is to construct the pool walls and install the liner. Most homeowners do this step themselves but if you subcontract it out, the average cost is about $25 per linear foot of the pool size or on average $1500-$3000, plus materials (sand, Portland cement, concrete, PVC pipe). This should also include connecting the pool to the filter system with the PVC pipe and backfilling around the pool. Some swimming pool companies may not want to install a kit that they do not sell because they usually have a huge mark-up on the kit itself, but you can find the same subcontract installer that they use. If you look in the yellow pages under swimming pools, look for the smallest ads that you can find. If you can not locate a swimming pool installer in your area, that is OK too. A handyman worker without any experience can do the work that you do not want to do or you may consider using a temporary service to find help.

You will need to hire an electrician to ground the pool and supply the electrical requirements for the pump and pool light as per your local code. Most towns require the electrical work be inspected by the building department or code enforcement prior to placing the concrete deck around the pool. Check with your local building department for requirements in your city or county.

Next you will use 1×4 lumber or similar to form for the concrete deck around the pool. You can also hire someone to pour the deck/patio around the pool for an average cost of $2-$4 per square foot (plus concrete delivery of about $75 per yd). Brick and stone pavers usually cost more than a concrete deck but are available.

Six days is the average construction time for two or three workers building the swimming pool kit. Some pool kits can be done quicker and some will take longer if you prefer to work part-time on the project. It is important to keep in mind that planning and organization will always speed the process. You can expect to save the more money on the project by doing most of the steps yourself. If you subcontract most of the work your savings will not be as great. Either way you will eliminate one or even two middlemen and have a very nice backyard pool.