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How to Install Above Ground Swimming Pool Kits

Installing above ground swimming pool kits is easier than installing in ground swimming pool kits. Before you begin installing above ground swimming pool kits, check with the local authorities about the guidelines and requirements that you need to fulfill.

Choose a place that is relatively even in terms of ground level. Remove the grass and stones and match the ground to the lowest level in the spot. Add additional support in the form of crushed stones or any other support that you wish to use. This will also aid in the drainage.

Now, you need to install stones or blocks that will support the frame of the pool. Every post that comes with the frame should rest on a block, so that the pool stands on good support. For best support, ensure that all the blocks are at same level.

Next, you have to cover this area with the material recommended in the swimming pool�s installation guide. This is normally some kind of sand. It provides a smooth and soft base to lay the liner. This material should cover two inches of the pool all around. It prevents roots and insects from trying to break through the bottom of your pool through the soil.

Now, go through the process of assembling the walls of your pool kit. Follow the instructions on your swimming pool installation guide. In addition, ensure that the walls are leveled throughout the swimming pool structure.

In almost all above ground swimming pool kits, there will be a beveled cove in your walls. Make sure that you place this somewhere in the bottom of the wall. This will protect the liner from any damage that may occur because of the sharp edge of the beveled cove.

Using the material with which you leveled the bottom of the pool, make a 45-degree angle and 6-inch angle all around the bottom of the pool. These six inches should start from the head of the cove up to the pool bottom. Now, treat all the material, including the material placed in the pool, with an effective grass-killing product. Pat it firmly downwards, thus making a smooth and flat surface.

You can now install the liner in the pool. Be careful to avoid wrinkling the liner during installation. Wrinkles can cause the liner�s effectiveness to reduce. If the liner in the swimming pool kits has too many wrinkles, contact the dealer and ask for an exchange. Install the liner in your pool as smoothly as you can.

After installing the liner, you can assemble the rest of the frame parts over the pool�s walls. This assembly will differ with the kinds of swimming pool kits. After you install the frame completely, cut the holes that will be necessary for the return and the skimmer. Then, you can connect the pool and the filtering system.

Finally, you can fill the pool with water and landscape the areas surrounding the pool, as you desire.

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