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Polaris PB4-60 Booster Pump
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The new and improved PB4-60 delivers high-performance power, quiet operation, and Polaris durability. The PB4-60 is the power behind Polaris.

For over 20 years Polaris pressure pumps have been the benchmark for powerful Polaris Cleaner performance. Polaris pressure pumps are specifically designed to operate your cleaner at Optimum Cleaning Efficiency. The compact, rugged design allows for maximum performance.


  • Ultra high efficiency 3/4 horsepower motor

Technical Details

  • New and improved-Easy pump seal replacement
  • Heavy duty single piece base
  • Captured backplate nut fasteners
  • Ergonomic drain plug with o-ring
  • New larger volute seal o-ring
Polaris PB4-60 Booster Pump
$ 299 New Available online

Q: What model Polaris cleaners will this pump work with?

A: The Polaris PB4-60 Booster Pump will work with all Polaris pressure-side cleaners that require a booster pump. These models are the 180, 280, 380, 480, and the 3900 Sport. In addition, the PB4-60 may be used with some other brands of pressure side cleaners which require a booster pump. The PB4-60 is also available in a Halcyon model which is 28% quieter than the standard PB4-60. See it here.


Polaris PB4-60 Booster Pump

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