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Steel vs. Polymer Panels

Steel vs. Polymer Panels

The steel swimming pool kits and the polymer swimming pool kits have similar upgrade options, swimout options, and accessory options. Is a steel pool kit or a polymer pool kit better? The only difference in the steel and polymer swimming pool kits is the wall panels and braces. Both swimming pool kits have their advantages. Both have a lifetime warranty. Steel is stronger. Polymer is lighter. Steel will not crack or break. Polymer will not bend. Steel is best for rocky soil or clay. Polymer may be best for acidic soil although acidic soil can break down resin over time. Steel swimming pool kits are strong enough that they require fewer braces. Polymer swimming pool kits include deck support braces when optional polymer x-braces are selected. Steel kits usually only need deck supports if you are using brick or stone coping or if the pool us being installed in the side of a big slope like a mountain or hillside. Polymer swimming pool kits do not need wall foam. Polymer swimming pool kits may need gravel as a backfill, steel kits are strong enough to backfill with the excavated dirt.

  Steel Panels Polymer Panels

Lifetime Warranty



Better for Rocky Soil/Clay  

Better for Soft Soil  

Steel Wall Swimming Pool Kits

Steel wall swimming pools are manufactured from top quality North American 14 gauge steel with a zinc galvanized coating for lifetime warranty protection. Standard panels are designed and manufactured for maximum strength and durability. The straight wall panels and the radius corner panels have a 5" top, bottom and side flange. Some of the radius pool steel panels use a channel stiffener with a 2" top and bottom flange. Steel swimming pool kits offer a wide selection of support systems and A-frame braces that are the toughest in the industry. Wall foam padding with heavy duty spray adhesive is optional. All steel panels are pre-cut for skimmers or pool lights as per your swimming pool order. We offer both 42" and 48" Steel Walls. 42" Wall panels are standard for our pool kits. A 42" wall panel provides a standard 3'4" shallow end depth. The 48" wall panel is becoming very popular especially among those who play pool sports as the taller panel provides a deeper shallow end without sacrificing flat area.

Polymer Wall Swimming Pool Kits

Polymer swimming pools panels are molded to exacting specifications based on thorough research and engineering. Each of the panels has uniform rigidity, flatness, and strength derived from the strategic placement of ribs. These panels are the most resistant to all types of underground deterioration, including heat and cold, yet they are surprisingly lightweight for easy installation. Polymer pool panels have cutouts for skimmers and lights.