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About Us

Royal Swimming Pools has been proudly serving the swimming pool industry for over 30 years!

Our family owned and operated business started in 1987, servicing and installing swimming pools in the greater Memphis area. 10 years later we began to showcase our pools and services on our own website which quickly drew attention from all over the world! Instead of just featuring our work and services, we began to sell various pool products online. Now, we are one of the most recognizable brands in inground packaged pools in the U.S. and have a wide variety of products available completely online! Saunas, gaming tables, automatic safety covers, hot tubs, grills, liners, slides, fencing, entire pools (above ground or inground) and much more are all available to you within a click!

As the industry continues to grow, we continue to adapt and stay innovative. Most importantly we have continued to strengthen our connection with our consumers by offering superior customer service in all departments. It is an honor that the Better Business Bureau has awarded us with an A+ rating for the last 15 years as a result!

Our friendly staff has over 75 years of combined swimming pool experience; ranging from pool kit excavation to keeping your swimming pool crystal clear! No matter what, we are here to serve you! We are dedicated to offering high quality products at great prices and to make you feel like royalty every step of the way!

From our family to yours,