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Cover Securing Accessories

It is important to secure your cover properly during the winter. If you don't secure your cover properly your cover could come off of your pool during the winter due to wind or it could just sink into the swimming pool leaving you with a mess when you open your pool in the spring. The cover cables and winches are the most common method to secure an above ground swimming pool cover but there are some newer methods such as cover clips and winter cover seals that will allow you to secure your cover much more efficiently during the winter.If you have questions about how to properly winterize your pool please visit our Winterizing Instructions page.

Cover Clips Cover Loc Jr. Winter Cover Seal
Keeps your above ground pool cover in place! These handy fasteners are tough! They grip your top rail like a clothespin and hold your cover on tightly. This deluxe two-part covers lock system will not pull off in the strongest winter winds. Just snap together the 5" male and female clips and your cover will stay firmly secured. Eliminates damage to your winter cover due to high winds! This is a simple solution to wind getting under your winter cover and causing damage and premature wear and tear.
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Cover Cables & Winches Wall Bags  
clip clip  
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