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Above Ground Pool Equipment

Equip your above ground pool with the best in class tools and supplies available at Royal Swimming Pools. From pumps and filters to cleaning equipment and chemical dispensers, we offer everything you need to ensure your pool runs smoothly and efficiently. Explore our comprehensive selection to find reliable solutions that extend the lifespan and enhance the enjoyment of your pool.

Above Ground Pool Equipment FAQ

What is needed to start an above ground pool?

To get started, you’ll need a pool kit with a liner, frame, and any desired extras like a ladder. You'll also need a filtration system (pump and filter) to keep the water clean, start-up chemicals to balance the water, and basic maintenance tools like a skimmer, brush, and vacuum.

How do you restore a neglected above ground pool?

To restore a neglected above ground pool, clear debris, adjust the pH, shock the water, and run the filter until the water clears.

How do I prepare the bottom for an above ground pool?

Prepare the bottom for an above ground pool by leveling the ground, adding a base of sand or foam, and ensuring there are no sharp objects underneath.

How many hours a day should an above-ground pool run?

The pump of an above-ground pool should typically run about 8-12 hours a day to ensure proper circulation and filtration of the pool water.

What chemicals do I put in my above-ground pool when I first fill it up?

When first filling up an above-ground pool, add chlorine, a pH balancer, and a shock product to ensure safe and clean water from the start.