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Above Ground Pool Liners

Revitalize your pool with our top-quality above ground pool liners from Royal Swimming Pools. These liners come in a variety of styles including overlap, beaded, and uni-bead, each designed to meet different pool needs and installation preferences. Whether you’re replacing an old liner or choosing one for a new pool, our selection guarantees a perfect fit and a fresh look for your swimming environment.

Select your pool size and wall height from the columns on the left to see available patterns and pricing.

Above ground pool liners are available for all overlap pools, J-bead liner pools, J-hook liner pools or beaded liner track swimming pools. Whichever type of above ground swimming pool liner you need or prefer, we have a swimming pool liner for you. We offer only the best quality above-ground swimming pool liners from top pool liner manufacturers including Swimline, Embassy, GLI and Lomart.

We offer top quality above ground swimming pool liners for round above ground pools, oval above ground pools, and custom size above ground swimming pools!

About Above Ground Pool Liners

What about a deeper pool?

You can substitute the included above ground pool liner for a liner that can be installed up to 6-1/2' deep. The deep-end overlap above ground pool liners are available in solid blue and solid marble which can make the pool 2 feet deeper for a total depth of 6-1/2 feet of water. The extra depth is for swimming only No Jumping or Diving is Allowed.

Flat bottom above ground pool actual depth

  • 48" pool wall = approximate 44"deep
  • 52" pool wall = approximate 48" deep
  • 54" pool wall = approximate 50" deep

There are two types of deeper pool excavation:

The dished bottom swimming pool is deeper in the middle with a 2' or larger walk around safety ledge. The safety ledge can be smaller on round pools but be sure to leave enough flat area for the pool ladder or for wedding cake steps. The x-depth can be any depth up to 6-1/2 feet deep. The extra depth is for swimming only. It is obtained by digging up to 2' deeper in the middle with a gradual slope towards the safety walk around ledge.

Above Ground Pool Depth Cross-Section Diagram

The hopper bottom swimming pool is deeper on one end with a flat shallow play area and a safety ledge around the deeper end. The safety ledge can be smaller on the round pool than on the straight sides of the oval pool.

RoudnAbove Ground Pool Depth DiagramOval Above Ground Pool Depth Diagram

All above ground pools are NON-DIVING as classified by APSP standards.

Above Ground Pool Liners FAQ

What is the best type of above-ground pool liner?

The best type depends on your installation preference and pool design. Overlap liners are cost-effective and versatile, Beaded liners offer ease of installation and replacement, and Uni-Bead liners provide dual installation options as both J-hook and Beaded styles.

How much does a new above-ground pool liner cost?

Prices range from approximately $150 to $800, varying by size, style, and material thickness.

What is the average life expectancy of an above-ground pool liner?

Typically, an above-ground pool liner lasts between 6 to 10 years, depending on maintenance practices and environmental conditions.

How much does a 16’ x 32’ pool liner cost?

Royal Swimming Pools offers 16’ x 32’ pool liners starting at $495. However, prices can exceed that depending on the brand, material quality (e.g., 20-gauge vs. 30-mil), and additional features like custom designs or depths.

How long will a 20 mil pool liner last?

A 20 mil pool liner typically lasts 5 to 9 years, but its lifespan can vary depending on various factors. Proper maintenance, balanced water chemistry, and avoiding harsh chemicals can extend its life. However, excessive sunlight exposure, improper installation, and rough use can shorten it.

Above Ground Pool Liner Resources