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Inground Pool Diving Boards

Whether you're adding a diving board to your new inground pool or looking for replacement diving boards for inground pools, you'll find the perfect solution for your needs with our selection of home pool diving boards for sale.

About Our Diving Boards

A diving board can be the most important, useful, and fun part of your inground swimming pool. Swimmers are naturally inclined to enter the water headfirst and having a diving board allows swimmers to do this in a safer and easier manner than simply jumping into the pool headfirst. A "diving appropriate" designed pool with a quality diving board clearly targets the right place to dive safely.

If a diving board is planned for your pool, it should be installed during the initial pool construction. Our diving boards are available in 6' or 8' lengths and with either a Chrome U-Stand or Base and Deck Jig. All of our Diving Boards, Stands, and Bases meet NSPI standards.

Inground Pool Diving Boards FAQ

How deep can an inground pool be with a diving board?

A pool with a diving board requires a minimum depth of 8 feet at the diving end to meet safety guidelines. Deeper pools provide additional safety, but it’s essential to consult local regulations for specific requirements.

Can you add a diving board to an existing inground pool?

Yes, adding a diving board to an existing pool is possible, but the pool must meet certain depth and configuration criteria. It’s important to consult a professional to assess if your pool complies with necessary safety standards, such as minimum depth and overhead clearance.

What is the lifespan of an inground pool diving board?

A diving board can last between 10 to 15 years, depending on material quality, usage frequency, and maintenance. Regular inspections for cracks, warps, or other signs of wear and tear can extend its lifespan.

Can you install an inground pool diving board in existing concrete?

Yes, diving boards can be installed into existing concrete, provided the concrete pad is stable, sufficiently thick, and reinforced. It’s crucial to have a professional evaluate the concrete’s condition to ensure it can safely support the diving board's static and dynamic loads.

Can I install my inground pool diving board?

While it is possible to install a diving board yourself, professional installation is strongly recommended to ensure safety. Installation involves precise measurements and securing the board to a stable base, which can be complex and requires specific tools and expertise.

How far should my diving board hang over the inground pool?

The ideal overhang for a diving board varies depending on the board’s total length, pool depth, diving board type, and local regulations. As a general rule, the overhang of the diving board over the pool should be about 18 to 36 inches, within the range of those parameters.