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Above Ground Pool Skimmers

Upgrade your above ground pool with our high-quality standard and wide mouth skimmers at Royal Swimming Pools. Skimmers are essential for maintaining the cleanliness of your pool by effectively removing surface debris. Our selection ensures the best compatibility and efficiency for various pool sizes and types.

Above Ground Pool Skimmers FAQ

How many skimmers does an above ground pool need?

Typically, one skimmer is sufficient for most above ground pools. However, if your pool is larger or collects a lot of debris, such as leaves, installing two skimmers can enhance the cleaning efficiency and water circulation.

Can I run my above-ground pool without skimmers?

It is not advisable to operate an above ground pool without a skimmer as it plays a crucial role in removing debris and maintaining water quality. Running a pool without a skimmer can lead to clogged filters and poor water circulation.

Where is the best place to put a skimmer in an above-ground pool?

The best location for a skimmer is typically where the water naturally flows due to the wind or the pool’s pump outlets. This placement helps the skimmer efficiently capture debris before it sinks.

How do you attach a skimmer to an above ground pool?

Attaching a skimmer involves securing it to the pool wall, aligning it with pre-cut holes or cutting new ones as needed. It’s important to ensure that the skimmer is tightly sealed and correctly aligned to prevent leaks and ensure efficient operation.