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Customize & Build Your Dream Inground Pool

About Our Inground Pools

Our inground swimming pool kits are designed as a complete package for the homeowner. These are truly the do-it-yourself swimming pool kits. Let's be honest, when it comes to entertaining guests in the heat of the summer or hosting an ultimate backyard bash, NOTHING competes with inground pools. And wouldn't it be awesome to brag to your friends about how much you saved by either doing it yourself or helping out with the process?

We offer many different shapes and sizes of inground swimming pools, from pools for small backyards to large pools, as well as the ability to customize just about any size or shape inground pool. Want a completely custom swimming pool? You got it! Just call or email us with your ideas, or the size of the area you want to put your custom swimming pool in, and we will help you design the best swimming pool to fit your needs.

DIY Inground Pool Kits FAQ

Can you build an inground pool yourself?

Yes, with our DIY inground pool kits, you can build your own pool. These kits come complete with all necessary components and detailed instructions to guide you through the process, making it a feasible project for those with basic construction skills.

How to build an inground pool on a budget?

To build an inground pool on a budget, consider a vinyl liner pool kit, which is generally less expensive than concrete or fiberglass options. Additionally, choosing smaller sizes and simpler designs can also help reduce costs.

How much should I budget for an inground pool?

Budgeting for an inground pool typically involves considering the type and size of the pool. On average, costs can range from $35,000 for a basic vinyl liner pool to over $100,000 for more elaborate designs and materials.

Do inground pools add value to a home?

Yes, inground pools can add value to a home, especially in regions where pools are in high demand. However, the actual increase in home value can vary depending on the local market, upkeep, and the quality of the pool installation.

Can you write off an inground swimming pool on your taxes?

Under specific circumstances, such as if the pool is medically necessary, it may be possible to deduct some of the costs associated with installing an inground pool on your taxes. However, for most homeowners, pool expenses are not typically tax-deductible.

What is the ROI on an inground pool?

Return on investment (ROI) for an inground pool varies. While it can enhance lifestyle and property appeal, the financial ROI is generally better in warmer climates where the pool can be used year-round.

Does an inground pool raise your homeowners insurance?

Yes, adding an inground pool will likely increase your homeowners insurance premiums due to the increased liability and the value of the pool itself. It’s important to check with your insurance provider for specific details.

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