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Inground Pool Heater & Heat Pumps

Inground pool heaters and heat pumps provide essential warmth to your pool, extending the swimming season and enhancing comfort. At Royal Swimming Pools, we offer a variety of heating solutions including models that use propane, natural gas, and electricity, tailored to fit different pool sizes and energy efficiency needs. Our heaters and heat pumps are designed for reliability and easy integration with existing pool systems.

Inground Pool Heater & Heat Pumps FAQ

What size heat pump do I need for my inground pool?

The size of the heat pump required for an inground pool depends on several factors, including pool volume, desired temperature rise, climate, pool surface area, pool cover usage, and desired heating time. While a general guideline is 50,000 BTU per 10,000 gallons, it’s crucial to consider all factors and consult a professional for an accurate assessment and recommendation.

Is it expensive to heat an inground pool?

Heating a pool can be costly, especially in colder climates. Costs vary based on the heater type, pool size, and insulation.

Is it hard to add a heater to an inground pool?

Adding a heater involves moderate complexity; it’s advisable to hire professionals for proper installation and gas or electrical connections.

What is the lifespan of an inground pool heat pump?

A well-maintained heat pump can last around 10 to 15 years, depending on usage patterns and regular maintenance.

Can you leave an inground pool heat pump on all the time?

Yes, but for efficiency, it’s better to use a programmable thermostat to control heating times based on use and temperature.

Where is the best place to install a heat pump in an inground pool?

Install the heat pump in a well-ventilated area near the pool equipment, clear of foliage and debris for optimal airflow and accessibility.

Should you oversize an inground pool heat pump?

Slightly oversizing can be beneficial for faster heating and efficiency in fluctuating temperatures, but it should be balanced against cost and energy use.

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