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Inground Pool Cleaners & Vacuums

Inground pool cleaners and vacuums are essential tools for maintaining a clean and healthy swimming environment. At Royal Swimming Pools, we offer a diverse selection of automatic cleaners designed to accommodate any pool shape and size. Explore our range to find the perfect solution that keeps your pool pristine with minimal effort.

Inground Pool Cleaners & Vacuums FAQ

How do you vacuum an inground pool with a sand filter?

Attach the vacuum head to your telescopic pole and hose, ensuring all connections are secure. Set your sand filter to the ‘filter’ setting for regular cleaning, ensuring debris is caught in the sand bed.

Does vacuuming an inground pool get rid of algae?

Regular vacuuming can help remove algae by extracting spores from the pool’s surfaces before they proliferate, but chemical treatment is also necessary for complete algae control.

Can you leave a robotic inground pool cleaner in the pool overnight?

Yes, most robotic cleaners are designed for safety and efficiency, allowing them to operate unattended and overnight without risk of damage to the pool or the device.

Do you vacuum an inground pool on backwash or waste?

Vacuuming on ‘waste’ bypasses the filter and sends debris directly out of the system, which is ideal for removing large debris or algae blooms without clogging the filter.

How often should you vacuum your inground pool?

Vacuum your pool at least once a week or more frequently if it is exposed to higher debris loads or after severe weather conditions to maintain water clarity and hygiene.

Can you run an inground pool pump while vacuuming?

Yes, the pool pump should be running while vacuuming to circulate water and maximize debris removal through the filtration system.