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Inground Swimming Pool Brace System

Steel Swimming Pool Braces -vs- Polymer Swimming Pool Braces


A Frame Braces

Our standard adjustable A-frame brace is included with all steel swimming pool kits. It is especially recommended for all rectangle and straight wall swimming pools. The adjusting brace allows for some realignment of the swimming pool wall after the concrete footing is poured to straighten the wall if needed. The corner braces are optional on rectangle swimming pool kits. The adjustable A-frame brace can be combined with the optional deck support system for all steel pool kits. The corner braces are included with the A-frame deck support option.

Adjustable A-frame Brace

a frame

Adjustable A-frame with Optional Deck Support

a frame


Deck Support Systems

The deck support brace is optional and not necessary in most areas. The deck support is primarily used when laying bricks or stones around the deck if a concrete deck will adjoin the brick or stone coping. The non-adjustable X- brace deck support system is an economical option for all radius or free form swimming pools like the Kidney, Deer Creek and Oddyssey.

Deck Support

a frame

X-Brace Deck Support

a frame


Polymer X Brace

The polymer x-brace with deck support is optional with our polymer swimming pool kits. This option includes X-braces every 4' or 6' and corner bracing. The polymer pins make installing the polymer swimming pool kit easier by quicking the panel alignment process.



Hydra Panel Bracing

Hydra Pools bracing is designed to transfer deck weight loading to vertical wall and anchor stake.


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