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Natural Chemistry Foundation (Borate Blend) 5lbs
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Foundation is great benefit to any pool. Whether starting up new pools, topping up early season pools or simply trying to bring back tired water, this is the product to use. Foundation is a once a year application that is a fast dissolving multi borate blend formula that gives you soft water you can feel. 

  • Works in all pools
  • Absolutely amazing water quality
  • Pool water takes on a beautiful blue color
  • Water becomes unbelievably clear and sparkling
  • Noticeably much softer feeling water to the touch

Tips & Info

  • After adding Foundation to the pool brush any residual material until dissolved
  • If added directly to pool some short term clouding may occur. 
  • Wait twenty (20) minutes after application before swimming in pool. 
  • For high phosphate levels, test your phosphate level one week after adding Foundation
Natural Chemistry Foundation (Borate Blend) 5lbs
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Adjust water balance to dealer recommended levels (Alkalinity, PH, calcium hardness).
Add entire contents of one 5lb box of foundation for each 6,000 gallons (22,700L) of pool water. With circulation pump running; slowly add entire contents of bucket to pool skimmer. If desired, Foundation can be added directly to pool water (some short term cloudiness may occur).
Brush any residual material until dissolved. Wait 20 minutes after adding product before swimming in pool. After one week of operation take a pool water sample to dealer for testing.


5 lbs treats 6000 gallons

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Natural Chemistry Foundation (Borate Blend) 5lbs

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