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Lawn Tube w/Brass Anchor for Safety Covers
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Safety Cover Replacement Lawn Tube (For Brick Pavers) Measures at least 9" Long. Lawn tubes are used when a safety cover is being installed and there is no concrete to anchor into. Lawn tubes are intended to be driven into the ground to provide a firm base for the straps of a safety cover to attach to. These lawn tubes can also be used for pavers.

When a pool has flowerbeds, brick on sand, or loose ground around it, that is extensive enough to prevent the 
installation of certain anchors, anchor tubes provide a superior installation solution. Their wide stance gives them 
the strength they need to keep the safety cover in place. With anchor tubes, simply follow your normal installation 
procedures hammering, or drilling 7/8" holes. If you are going into brick pavers, the anchor tubes should go all the way into the loose ground, as you need them. Insert your brass anchors into the tops of the anchor tubes and attach your springs and straps to them as you normally would. In situations where the ground is abnormally loose, such as new construction, you may wish to hammer a length of rebar through your anchor tube for extra holding power. We do not supply rebar.

IMPORTANT: If you do choose to use rebar to hold the anchor tube, be extremely careful not to rupture any underground piping or wiring lines. When in doubt, do not use rebar. 

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Lawn Tube w/Brass Anchor for Safety Covers

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Lawn Tube w/Brass Anchor for Safety Covers
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