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Wood Deck Anchors with Screws for Safety Covers
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Replacement brass anchor assembly for in-ground swimming pool safety covers and mesh covers installed on pools with a wooden deck. Retractable solid brass screw-type anchors fit in the pool's perimeter decking and are used to anchor the Safety Cover for the off-season.

  • Solid Brass Anchor Assembly
  • Screw type anchor
  • Used to anchor safety cover during off season
  • For use with wooden decks only
  • Fits into 3/4" hole
  • Includes screws
  • Chemical resistant

Important Installation Information:

It is very important to determine and mark the exact location of anchor hole for Installation of Standard Wooden Deck Brass Anchors before installation procedure begin. Always refer to your safety cover installation manual for proper use and placement of the anchors. Wood Deck Brass Anchors may be used to anchor covers to wooden or composite decks capable of supporting the anchor. Before installation of Wood Deck Brass Anchor it is very important to determine the quality, thickness and strength of the specific type of wood at the job site. It is up to the swimming pool cover installer to determine if the decking is sufficient in thickness and strength to support the cover tension and the attachment of the Wood Deck Brass Anchor. Always check anchor flange size before drilling, as flange size may vary!

Tools Required for Installation

- Rotary Drill
- ¾” drill bit (carbide / diamond tipped)
- Paddle bit  for width of flange normally 1  1/2"
- Tape measure


Once you have determined quality, thickness and strength of wooden or composite deck and 
marked the exact locations of Anchor hole per your safety cover manual, then you can drill holes to accept the Anchor Shell. Wood Deck Anchor should be countersunk into decking by drilling two holes in the wood.

1. Drill 1 ½” (or Flange width) diameter holes into deck, with a paddle bit, to a depth of 1/8”. Then drill ¾” diameter holes at least 2” deep, or through the deck, in the centers of your original 1 ½” holes.
2. Remove drilling dust with vacuum cleaner or carefully blow out the dust.
3. Drop the wood deck anchors into the holes so that they fit flush with the deck. 
4. Screw the anchors to the deck with the supplied Phillips head screws. 
5. Thread anchor screws into shells until threads disappear and about ½” of the screw is visible.

Note: To keep smooth operation it is recommended that anchor inserts be removed each 
fall and spring and shells cleaned out to remove any dirt or debris. The Brass Anchor Insert may also be lightly coated with a Silicone or Teflon spray to ensure smooth operation. DO NOT USE OIL OR GREASE!


Wood Deck Anchors with Screws for Safety Covers
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Wood Deck Anchors with Screws for Safety Covers

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