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Happy Thanksgiving Day !

There are quite a few traditional things to do on Thanksgiving Day. Some people watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, I personally always watch the Dallas Cowboy Football game. My family always watched football while I was growing up. Many people travel during the holiday season since families are so spread out, the past few years I have spent Thanksgiving Day at home. It has become part of our family tradition to have someone over to eat with us that is not from Memphis and cannot make it home to be with their family and friends.

Our Thanksgiving Day menu usually consists of traditional holiday food like turkey, ham, dressing, gravy, cranberry sauce, dinner rolls, vegetables and definitely sweet potatoes with marshmallows. For desert we have pumpkin pie.

For me Thanksgiving Day is a time to be thankful for what I have, having friends and family to share the day with, and good food along with watching football. I would personally love to hear from you on what Thanksgiving Day means to you or any traditions or recipes you might have. Have a Happy Thanksgiving Day!

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