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Happy “Valentine’s Day Weekend” from Royal Swimming Pools!

Happy Valentine’s Day Weekend, everyone! Valentine’s Day has become and continues to be a favorite holiday for people around the world who love…well, love! This holiday can mean so many different things to many different people. Whether you’re dating, engaged, single, newly wed, married for twenty years, or navigating through the complicated waters, here are some Valentine’s Day Weekend ideas for celebrating and commemorating the love in your life, not just the love of your life.

– Share your time
Possibly the greatest gift one can give, especially these days, is their time. Spend time with those important to you, and they will certainly feel loved this Valentine’s Day Weekend! You could take a good friend out to coffee, visit a grandparent you haven’t seen in a while, have a night without TV or phones with your significant other, share a meal at the kitchen table with the entire family…there are so many ways to share your time! It’s a gift everyone can appreciate.

– Do something unique
It is easy to get caught up in the “Valentine’s Day specials” that so many businesses advertise; fancy dinners, heart-shaped chocolate boxes, extravagant gifts, millions of card options, jewelry galore, etc. These things are all enjoyable, and for some, are just as meaningful as the next. I, for one, love chocolate no matter what shape it comes in! But if you’re looking to think outside the “chocolate box” this Valentine’s Day, consider some of these additional ideas:

– If you’re in to exercising, sign up for a race with somebody you love! Many people who enjoy working out also enjoy training as a team and working towards a common goal, such as a 5K or a half marathon. A popular, fun race is the Color Run, a 5K which can be found in all parts of the country!
– Begin a journal or blog with somebody you love and care about, or start one for your own personal thoughts! Whether you choose to write once a month, or even once a year on Valentine’s Day, keeping a physical reminder, in writing, of what that specific time looks like for you can be extremely meaningful when looking back.
– Pamper yourself and your loved ones! This can, of course, come in many different forms. For a young guy or girl on their own, right out of college, this could be as simple as buying the name brand Mac –n Cheese, or splurging for that $20 Old Navy shirt you’ve wanted forever. Some other possibilities could be a massage, pedicure, a nice long bubble bath, a spa day, taking a nap after work, or getting a babysitter for that long overdue date night.

– Be kind
Well, this one shouldn’t just apply Valentine’s Day Weekend! But especially this weekend, remember to be kind to everyone. Everyone deserves to be loved each and every day. Remind them of this with a hug, a nice text message, email, or hand-written letter, or a simple smile 

Enjoy your Valentine’s Day Weekend!

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