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How To Open Your Pool For The Spring

Now that warm weather is approaching, it’s time to think about opening the pool for the season. Planning ahead can make the job much easier. Below are instructions on how to get your pool open the right way for the pool season.

1. The first thing to do is to net the leaves from the swimming pool cover.
2. Pump water from the swimming pool cover.
3. Remove the cover from the swimming pool. Do not try to remove the pool cover with any leaves or water on the cover. (Use a cover pump to pump the water off as you pull the pool cover off the swimming pool)
4. Clean and fold the swimming pool cover.
5. As the swimming pool fills add algaecide eliminator as per directions on the bottle.
6. Start up the pool pump when the swimming pool water is 3/4 the way up the skimmer opening (start-up a sand filter on rinse)
7. Net any leaves or debits from the swimming pool. If the pool is dirty it should also be vacuumed. For usual dirt vacuum on filter and backwash after vacuuming. For excessive dirt or algae, vacuum the pool in the waste setting. 
8. Add chlorine shock to the swimming pool as per directions on bottle.
9. Brush the swimming pool floor.
10. Use test strips to check the swimming pool water pH and adjust as needed (use baking soda to raise the total alkalinity) 
11. Add stabilizer to the swimming pool as directed on bottle.
12. Circulate the swimming pool pump for 24-48 hrs.
13. Vacuum the swimming pool as needed.
14. Backwash the sand filter once each week or when the pressure gauge goes up 8-10 lbs (which ever comes first) or clean the DE or cartridge filter as per instructions.

After following all of these steps you know what to do. Jump in!!!

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  1. Debbie Dietz says:

    How do I backwash the sand filter. WE did not get an insttuction manual and it would be helpfu. I did hook up a hose to the sand filter and moved the lever to backwash, but not sure how long to leave on and should the pressure drop back down?

  2. Scott says:

    The backwash instructions should be printed on the filter tank. Backwash for 2-3 minutes. The pressure gauge pressure should drop after backwashing.

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