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Keeping Your Children and Pets Safe This Halloween!


1) Please keep your family pets inside to keep them safe, or in an enclosed area that strangers cannot access.

2) Make sure all the treats you are handing out are out of reach from your pets.

3) We also know that it is very cute seeing pets dressed up in costumes, but please be aware of the dangers involved, especially if the costume does not fit properly.  Improperly fitting costumes or outfits can be a choking hazard for your beloved pet.

4) Halloween can be a dangerous time for animals, especially cats.  Keep them safe!

Here are some tips to keep your children safe this Halloween!

1) Parents make sure your child’s costume fits properly and is not over-sized where it could become a tripping hazard.

2) Children should always go out in groups or with an adult.

3) Make sure your child knows to check both ways before crossing the street, and to watch for vehicles backing out of driveways.

4) If the child’s costume is a dark color, it is a good idea for them to carry a glowstick or a small flashlight so drivers can see them. Or even use some reflective tape on their costume or treat bag. You want to make sure drivers can see your child.

5) Always inspect the candy before it is eaten.

6) If possible, it is better to use make up or face paints instead of the plastic full-face masks that come with some costumes. These plastic masks can impair the child’s vision.

These are just a few tips to keep your children and pets safe this Halloween!

All drivers please follow these simple steps so all of the children and their families can have a safe Halloween!

1) Please drive slowly and carefully.

2) Do not text or answer your cell phone especially while driving through neighborhoods!

3) Be on constant lookout when backing up or pulling into a driveway.

4) Keep a vigilant lookout for small children or animals that may dart out into the road in a split-second.

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