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Pool Safety in the Winter

It’s the beginning of a new year, which means it’s time to winterize your wardrobe, your lifestyle (bundle up, it’s cold outside!) AND your pool. Whether you want to heat it up so you can swim despite the chilly weather, or you simply want to keep your pool in sparkling clean throughout the winter, we’ve compiled a list of tips and tricks to keep everyone—and everything—safe, healthy and in tip-top shape!

Be Sure to Balance the Water

When it comes to protecting your pool from the harsh and bitter cold weather of winter, there is nothing more important than making sure its chlorine level is correct, and you’ve got the proper information needed to keep your pool thriving. Before closing up your pool for the winter (about a week before covering it up, if you haven’t done so already), it’s important to bring the chlorine level up to 10-12ppm. It’s so important to make sure it’s chlorine, alkaline, and calcium levels are balanced—that’s your greatest tool against buildup or corrosion.

Don’t Forget About the Heater

Planning on forgoing any winter swimming sessions? Then you’ll need to take care of the pump and water heater, pronto. First, start by disconnecting the filter and pump. It’s important to drain out any trapped water, as well as removing its drain plugs. Drain your heater with the same thoroughness. If you live in an area that’s prone to frequent freezing spells, think about your pool’s equipment like this: without any water trapped in your pump and/or heater, it can’t freeze. And, if it can’t freeze, you don’t have to worry about expensive damage to deal with, come spring. In addition, you’ll want to protect every member of your family by doing the following:

  • For above ground pools, lock any ladders that are attached to the pool and install a safety cover. While the majority of pool related accidents happen in the spring and summer, winter accidents still arise—so keep everyone safe (especially those four leggers!) with sufficient covering and support.
  • For in ground pools, make sure you have a high quality pool cover to protect your pool from debris and the possibility of frozen or near freezing temperatures. Make sure your pool cover is clean by inspecting it regularly. If you wanted added peace of mind, install a pool alarm.
  • If you want to engage in winter swimming, keep your body warm. While this may sound like common sense, many ‘winter swimmers’ don’t keep their body properly covered. Make sure to wear a swimming cap, and a wetsuit if the temperature outside is particularly chilly. Ease into the water (adjusting to the temperature of the water by going up to your knees) and then work your way all of the way in.

Whether you want to keep yourself safe while swimming in your pool during the winter, or you simply want to keep your pool healthy while it’s closed down until spring, follow our guidelines for a healthy and happy pool!

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  1. Its amazing how many people forget about the heater! Disconnect it! Great post.

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