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Ways to Keep Small Children Safe Around Above Ground Pools!

Royal Swimming Pools offers several products that are available for above ground pools that will help you keep your small children safe. We want everyone to have a fun filled safe summer!

Above Ground Swimming Pool Fence Kits and Decks are an excellent way to help keep children and unwanted intruders out of your swimming pool. We always recommend using a safety ladder with your deck.

We offer a variety of safety ladders that will keep small children from climbing them when the pool isn’t being used for family fun. We have ladders that have a roll-guard feature that prevents unwanted access to your pool, we also have ladders that have a spring loaded self closing gate. Royal Swimming Pools also offers ladders that the outer treads can be flipped up and locked with a padlock. There are also ladders that come with a self latching gate that is lockable for added safety.

Royal Swimming Pools also offers a variety of pool alarms that are available for swimming pools and gates.  Pool alarms should never replace constant adult supervision around a swimming pool.

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  1. Namebrnadfaucets says:

    Nice information.

  2. Pool Service says:

    In my experience for above ground pools I have always advised my clients to remove ladders when the pool is not in use. typically a person capable of getting into an above ground pool can stand higher than the water level. ALWAYS remove the ladder when not in use.

  3. Long Island Pool Department says:

    There are many ways to keep an above ground pool safe but removing the ladder after ever use is tedious. When installing a ladder the ladders that lock in the front are very good, there are also ladders that fold up, swing up and lock, and many people who have above grounds also have large decks around their pools that typically will have some sort of stair case that can be removed or flipped up onto the deck to keep children safe.

  4. Dave says:

    APSP has published this very informative flyer on Pool and Spa safety. Check it out here!

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