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What is cantilever coping for inground swimming pools?

Cantilever coping comes two ways


Option 1: Cantilever for bricks or stones










Option 2: Cantilever with foam forms for concrete


With both options you can just install over the pool or pool and step. If you choice to install over the pool and step make sure the step is a cantilever step. If you choose the cantilever with foam forms you will need to complete the concrete deck before installing the vinyl liner because the form will connect in the liner track until the concrete completely dries and then remove the forms. Don’t throw the forms away because they are reusable. When choosing the cantilever for bricks or stones option you can install the liner first.

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  1. Cebu: Vistamar | Paradox Equation says:

    […] What is cantilever coping for inground swimming pools? | Swimming … […]

  2. niko russo says:

    Hi, i have an old inground vinly pool made of cement blocks, the liner goes over the cement blocks and has somekind of cover to hid the liner. Will your cantilever coping work for this. I do have pictues

  3. Scott says:

    Usually on the older concrete block pools the bulnose coping is 6″ wide or wider and is made with a top piece. The cantilever coping is about 2″-3″ wide but will work with a concrete block pool if you plan to put bricks or stones around the top of the pool.

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