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Swimming Pool Liner Quote and Order Forms

When ordering a pool liner, there are many measurements to be made to confirm the exact size of your pool. Over time, the earth around your pool may settle or shift. By measuring your pool (even if you have a dig spec from when your pool was installed) you can confirm the exact measurements of your pool. This will ensure that a new liner will fit properly in your swimming pool. The swimming pool replacement liner order form must be filled out completely with all required measurements for your pool and signed. After the form is completed and signed you may fax the completed form to 1-888-977-2846 to receive an accurate quote and order a pool liner. NOTE: All measurements must be taken horizontally for the length and width (not at an angle). Certain pool shapes and sizes may require additional measurements.

Measurement and Quote Form 1 is required for all pool shapes and sizes.
Click the link below to download Form 1.

Liner Measurement & Quote Form 1

Measurement and Quote Form 2 is required if you are ordering a liner for an L-shape pool or if your pool has
Vinyl Covered Steps. NOTE: Form 1 must also be completed and attached to Form 2.
Click the link below to download Form 2.

Liner Measurement & Quote Form 2


If you are unsure of how to measure your pool, please view our detailed measuring instructions or have a pool professional measure your pool to ensure correct and complete measurements are recorded.
Click the link below to download Liner Measuring Instructions.

Liner Measuring Instructions


Freeform Pools Require A-B (Point to Point) Measurements

Freeform pools such as a Kidney or Deer Creek pool are very common but require more measurements than a rectangle pool. To ensure we create a liner that fits properly for your freeform pool we require you to complete an A-B Point to Point Measurement Form. We have also made instructions available so that you can complete the form yourself. Click the link below to download A-B Measurement Form and Measuring Instructions.

A-B Point to Point Measuring Instructions

A-B Point to Point Measurement Form


Important Notes for Measuring

  • Measurements G + H + I must equal total width ( A ) exactly.
  • Measurements J + K + L + M must equal total length ( B ) exactly.
Shown below are two types of corners, Radius and Diagonal. Diagrams illustrate how to measure each corner.

Radius Corner

Diagonal Corner


Call 866-532-8194 if you want a form faxed to you.

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