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Above Ground Solar Pool Blankets

Our durable above-ground solar blankets can warm your pool by up to 15°F. Our blankets are made to give you maximum heating properties combined with long life. Our solar blankets are loaded with thermal bubbles that retain heat at night and on cool cloudy days. Our solar blankets allow the maximum amount of solar rays to reach you pool for optimal heating. All of our blankets are U.V.-protected so they last under the most intense sunlight.

solar blanketsolar blanket

Blanket size Blue 8 mil 3yr Magni-Clear 12 mil 5yr  
15' $57 buynow $65 buynow

18' $69 buynow $70 buynow

21' $85 buynow $99 buynow

24' $99 buynow $129 buynow

28' $125 buynow $179 buynow

30' $145 buynow $189 buynow

33' $169 buynow $209 buynow

Oval Pool

12' x 24' $67 buynow $79 buynow

15' x 25' $85 buynow - buynow

15' x 30' $89 buynow $104 buynow

16' x 32' $98 buynow $115 buynow

18' x 33' $116 buynow $135 buynow

18' x 40' $129 buynow $159 buynow

21' x 41' $149 buynow $189 buynow

Solar Ball

LIKE A SOLAR BLANKET IN A BALL! This effective solar pill keeps your pool warmer by spreading an invisible layer of non-toxic, biodegradable film. This invisible layer cuts down on one of the major pool cooling forces, evaporation. Up to 60% as effective as a traditional solar blanket. Best of all Solar Ball works all the time and there is no cumbersome solar blanket to haul around. Simply drop Solar Ball in your pool's skimmer and its special time released delivery system will keep your pool warm for 30 days. It is not affected by automatic pool covers. Saltwater compatible.
Above Ground (12,000 gallons pool) Solar Ball 4 pack $45 buynow


This simple, affordable above-ground solar reel makes removing your solar blanket quick & easy. The simple reel base fits on almost any top rail and the handle makes this reel easy to lift & pivot. Made from U.V.-resistant resin with non-eroding aluminum tubing. Comes complete with reel, attachment straps and hardware. Backed by a 1-Year Warranty.

Pool width Solar Reel Deluxe Reel
18 $139 $199 buynow

24 $159 $219 buynow

28 - $359 buynow


This one-person reel features special bearing systems at both ends of the reel, providing smooth, effortless removal of your solar blanket. With our reel you will use your solar blanket more often, saving money on gas while you swim in a warmer pool. The reel is anchored by rugged mounting brackets that are permanently installed on your pool's top rail (rail must be at least 6"). These mounting brackets allow you to remove your reel in the fall and install your winter cover without obstruction. The hand cranks and bases are constructed of durable non-corroding polymer material that will last and last. Our reel will fit either oval or round pools and it comes complete with solar blanket attachment hardware and installation instructions. Some assembly required. Backed by a 2-Year Warranty.


All the blanket clamps, cover clamp cords, and tube eye screws needed to attach your solar blanket to your reel. Fits all above-ground reels.

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