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30' Round 52" Pretium

Pretium Round Above Ground Pool Render on Backyard Background Pretium Round Above Ground Pool Render Pretium Above Ground Pool Wall Render

  • Wall Height:52"
  • Top Seats:6" Steel Top Seats with Texture-Kote
  • Uprights:5" Steel Uprights with Texture-Kote
  • Frame:Galvanized Steel Frame
  • Brand:Wilbar AquaLeader
  • Warranty:30 Year
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The Pretium Pool, with its 52" wall, 6" top seats and 5" uprights coated in premium Texture-Kote, is built to last. The Texture-Kote treatment provides incredibly long-lasting, all-weather protection. Pretium also features a self-supporting stabilizer bar developed to make installation simple and easy for the DIY Homeowner!

  • 6" steel top ledges with Texture-Kote finish
  • 5" steel uprights with Texture-Kote finish
  • State-of-the-art all-weather protection
  • Durable Protectoloc 52" wall with Texture-Kote finish for enduring appearance and structural support
The Pretium Quality

The top ledges and uprights on every Pretium Pool undergo a state-of-the-art protective treatment process. In addition, they are coated with Texture-Kote. This combination provides added resistance against corrosion, scratching and damaging UV rays. Pretium's unique quadra-fold system and bolting pattern provides maximum wall joint strength. Pool walls are corrugated for increased durability and resistance to ice and impact damage. Only Pretium pools feature the self-supporting omega stabilizer bar developed to simplify homeowner installation. The ease of assembly has made Pretium poos the number one choice of many professional installers. Pretium pools are available in an array of attractive colors and patterns.

Pretium Round 52" Pool Sizes

Pool Sizes Pool Frame Pricing Discounted Kit Pricing

12FT X 52IN $799
ON SALE $755

15FT X 52IN $925
ON SALE $789

18FT X 52IN $939
ON SALE $849

21FT X 52IN $1075
ON SALE $933

24FT X 52IN $1149
ON SALE $999

27FT X 52IN $1200
ON SALE $1129

30FT X 52IN $1399
ON SALE $1379

33FT X 52IN $1559
ON SALE $1489

Pretium Oval 52" Pool Sizes

Pool Sizes Pool Frame Pricing Discounted Kit Pricing

12FT X 24FT X 52IN $1399
ON SALE $1349

15FT X 30FT X 52IN $1799
ON SALE $1599

18FT X 33FT X 52IN $1899
ON SALE $1683

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When will this pool ship?

A: This pool usually ships in 1-2 business days.

Q: Can I get a better deal on this pool?

A: Royal Swimming Pools is one of the the largest swimming pool kit retailers and so we can with confidence say that we offer the best prices on the 30' Round 52" Pretium pool kit. If you find any online retailers offering a better price for the same 30' Round 52" Pretium pool we will match or beat the price!

Q: What is included with this pool kit?

A: Using the options above, you can customize this pool to meet your exact needs!

30' Round 52" Pretium
$ 1379 New Available online