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Automatic Pool Covers

Add an automatic pool cover to your new or existing swimming pool. Available in a variety of colors and installations, including manual automatic covers and fully electric automatic cover systems. Enjoy the swimming pool while you save money and add extra safety for you and the rest of the family.

About Automatic Pool Covers

Imagine a secure pool in 45 seconds or less. Imagine a clean pool even after a stormy or windy day. Imagine a clean pool free of nasty pollen on a spring day. This is what an automatic pool cover can do for you!

Types of Automatic Pool Covers

Automatic pool covers come in a variety of forms some of which are fully automatic as well as a more economical manual automatic pool cover. There are automatic pool cover systems with on-deck tracks, on-deck-recessed tracks, and under-coping tracks. We also offer complete pool kits which we have specifically designed to work with our under-coping track automatic cover. In these kits you can be assured that the cover will operate properly with all components of the pool.

Manual Automatic Pool Covers

The manual automatic cover system is designed for small to medium-sized pools and features a low-profile on-deck mounted track. The cover is retracted with a "hand crank" and extended over the pool by pulling a rope connected to a handle. Great entry-level automatic cover with the option to upgrade to fully motorized automatic at a later time.

On-Deck Track Automatic Pool Covers

The on-deck track system fits almost any shape or size pool. A low-profile track is mounted on the deck. The cover retracts into either a bench mounted enclosure on the deck (for existing pools) or into a housing recessed below the deck (for new installations). This is the most popular choice for professional pool installers and do-it-yourself homeowners as well.

Recessed Track Automatic Pool Covers

The in-deck track system also fits almost any shape or size pool. The track is installed at the time the concrete deck is poured and is recessed into the deck. This type of cover is available with either a bench mounted enclosure on the deck or with a housing recessed below the deck.

Under-Coping Track Automatic Pool Covers

The under-coping track system is available for 6" radius and 2' radius corner rectangle pool kits with no steps or with our in the pool corner step. It is the ultimate solution for concealing an automatic cover because nothing installs on the deck level to detract from the beauty of your newly installed pool!

Automatic Pool Covers Add Safety

Automatic pool covers add another dimension of safety to your pool. There has never been a reported case of a drowning at a pool that had any ASTM approved automatic safety cover installed over it. All of the automatic pool safety covers sold here at Royal Swimming Pools meet or exceed ATSM safety standards. One of the conditions of this standard is that the cover should be able to hold a weight of at least 485lbs. All of our covers meet this standard and can typically hold much more weight. Don't put a price on your family's safety, invest in an automatic pool safety cover today.

In addition to the safety benefits, an automatic pool safety cover has other money saving advantages as well:

  • Monthly pool heating costs can be very expensive without a pool safety cover.
  • Water can evaporate at a rate of 2-4 inches a week without a pool safety cover.
  • Without a pool safety cover, automatic cleaners and skimmers can become filled with leaves, which can cause expensive motor or pump repairs.

You don't operate your Air Conditioning without your doors closed. Why heat a pool without a swimming pool auto cover?

  • Using an automatic pool safety cover can reduce pool heating costs by 50-70%.
  • Using automatic pool safety covers can conserve water by 30-50%.
  • Using an automatic pool safety cover can reduce chemical consumption by 40-60%.
  • Using an automatic pool safety cover can also cut cleaning time of your pool to nearly nothing.

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