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AQUASALT is 100% produced using the Evaporated Food Grade Salt Process in the two newest and most technologically advanced salt plants in the U.S.A. This process produces the highest purity salt possible. AQUASALT is so pure it is used in the pharmaceutical industry and is certified as USP Grade. AQUASALT is the purest salt available for swimming pool and spa chlorine generators. The evaporated process is familiar to most people as table salt or food grade salt. Evaporated Food Quality AQUASALT is intended for use in swimming pools with a chlorine generator or salt water sanitizing system and not for human consumption. AQUASALT is greater than 99% sodium chloride or NaCl. The purity and crystal size are designed to produce the fastest dissolve rate in swimming pools and spas with chlorine generators. AQUASALT is packaged solely for use in swimming pools and spas with chlorine generators and is not intended for human consumption. We have put together several package quantities to reduce cost for you and assist you with determining the number of bags you will need for your pool. If you would like to know an accurate estimate of how much salt you need for your pool, please see our Salt Demand Chart below.


Item Number QTY For Pools Up To: Price  

A6360-10 10 Bags 15,000 Gallons $199

A6360-15 15 Bags 22,000 Gallons $279

A6360-20 20 Bags 30,000 Gallons $329

A6360-25 25 Bags 36,000 Gallons $369

A6360-30 30 Bags 42,000 Gallons $399

A6360-40 40 Bags 54,000 Gallons $499

A6360-63 63 Bags 69,000 Gallons $699

*Keep 2-3 bags of AQUASALT on hand to adjust levels as needed.


Directions: AQUASALT should be distributed over the greatest water surface area possible to result in the fastest dissolve rate. Follow the Chlorine Generator Manufacturer guidelines for quantity and frequency of adding salt. Avoid piling the salt on the pool surface and brush as necessary until fully dissolved.

Aqua Tips:

  • Monitor pH and adjust as needed
  • Monitor salt level using a reliable method and adjust as needed
  • Monitor conditioner/stabilizer level and adjust as needed
  • Clean your salt system cell after every three months of use


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Why AQUASALT Instead of Generic Salt?

What type of salt or what form you use is of course your decision. Solar salt can give a pool a coffee colored stain which is difficult to remove. Rock salt, once dissolved, leaves a grey colored sand on the bottom of the pool. AQUASALT is made in the U.S.A. in a Food Grade Salt Plant, so when you add AQUASALT to your pool, the salt used is the highest purity salt available. AQUASALT is made in a salt plant certified kosher by the Orthodox Union or OU. This is like the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval to those in the Salt Industry. The salt plants where AQUASALT is produced are government regulated to insure Food Grade Salt standards are met. AQUASALT also employs third party auditors to perform a critical food safety audit to keep quality extra sharp on all details of food safety. The picture above compares AQUASALT (in the background) to solar salt crystals and water softening salt pellets bought at a nearby Big Box retail store.

"But Other Salt is 99% Pure"

A common misconception is the importance of the difference between 99% pure generic salt and the 99.9% pure AQUASALT. That small percentage difference may not seem like much, but it actually is. For example, take a pool that is between 16,000 to 18,000 gallons. Not an especially large pool, but it will still require about 500lbs of salt when starting. Generic salt that is 99% pure has 1% of other contaminates and metals. Now, we all know metal is bad for your pool and that it can cause staining and other problems so you never want excess metal in your pool water. Metal is something many pool owners fight to remove from their pool. If you add 500lbs of 99% pure generic salt, you are adding 5 lbs of metal and contaminates into your pool at the same time. It would be very difficult to use any kind of 'metal-out' or other chemical to remove the metal from your pool. The money you would 'save' by using generic salt as opposed to AQUASALT would be used to purchase all these chemicals to remove the metals and contaminates from your water. Now, you might ask, "what is the level of contaminates and metals I would add to my pool by using AQUASALT?" In the same situation as above, by adding 500 lbs of salt to a pool, but this time using 99.9% pure AQUASALT, you would only be adding 1/2 lb of contaminates and metals to your water. Choose AQUASALT and you won't be constantly fighting your pool to keep out metal and other contaminates.


Salt Demand Chart

To determine the exact amount of salt you will need in your swimming pool please see the chart below. Find your pool size at the top of the chart, then find the amount of salt currently in your pool (ppm) on the left side of the chart. This will allow you to get a very accurate estimate of how much salt you should add to your swimming pool. This works for inground and above ground pools. click the chart to enlarge it


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