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Automatic Swimming Pool Cleaners

Spend more time enjoying your pool and less time cleaning it!  Automatic pool cleaners remove most of the hassle of pool upkeep by filtering unwanted leaves, garbage, and chemicals from the swimming pool.

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Dolphin 3002 Commercial Auto Cleaner w/ Caddy & Remote

Item # NE274
Price: $2,699.99
With the 3002, now you can guide your Dolphin to the dirty areas and do quick spot clean-ups.
Smart Ring Drain Cover

Item # NE290
Price: $64.99
Prevents robotic pool cleaners from getting stuck on anti-vortex main drains.
Universal Carry Caddy

Item # NE266
Price: $99.00
Use this handy caddy to transport almost any make or model of in-ground or above-ground robotic cleaner.

Pool Rover Jr.

Item # NE357
Price: $329.00
The Pool Rover Junior is great for anyone with an above ground pool that needs to tidy up the bottom of their pool.
HurriClean Above Ground Automatic Cleaner

Item # NE4375
Save: $20.00 Now! $99.99
HurriClean will remove dirt, twigs, leaves and debris from any above ground pool regardless of shape or depth.
Baracuda MX8 Inground Pool Cleaner

Item # BAR-20-288
Price: $499.00
The Zodiac MX8 is ready to battle your pool's toughest dirt and debris.

Hayward Wanda The Whale Pool Cleaner 900

Item # wanda-whale
Save: $65.01 Now! $159.99
Want to start enjoying your pool more? Then throw a whale in your pool.
Polaris 65 Turbo Turtle Pool Cleaner

Item # Polaris-Turbo-Turtle
Price: $249.00
A happy combination of automatic pool cleaner and decoration, Turbo Turtle is suitable for all aboveground pools up to 5-feet deep.
Polaris 180 Inground Pool Cleaner

Item # Polaris-180
Price: $599.00
Powered by a separate booster pump, the Polaris 180 is suitable for all in-ground pools.

Aquabot Inground Pool Cleaner

Item # Aquabot
Price: $779.00
Designed with you in mind, the Aquabot Classic offers the convenience of complete pool cleaning.
Aquabot Turbo Robotic Pool Cleaner

Item # Aquabot-Turbo
Price: $919.00
This “turbo” model has the same great features as the original Aquabot, but is faster and will clean a larger pool.
Hayward Tiger Shark Robotic Pool Cleaner

Item # RC9950CUB
Save: $150.00
Easy to use and operate, all you do is take it out of the box, plug it in and you're ready to go!

Zodiac T5 Duo Inground Automatic Pool Cleaner

Item # zodiac-t5-cleaner
Price: $399.99
The T5 Duo is a suction side in-ground pool cleaner that provides maximum durability and cleaning power.
Zodiac Ranger Above Ground Pool Cleaner

Item # zodiac-ranger
Price: $159.99
The Ranger is an affordable, dependable automatic pool cleaner that will thoroughly clean your aboveground pool.
Zodiac Baracuda In-Line Leaf Catcher

Item # zodiac-leaf-catcher
Price: $49.99
Catches leaves sucked up by suction-side auto cleaners. For use with Polaris and Zodiac cleaners.

Pressure side and Suction side automatic cleaners are the most popular because of their ease, automation, and cost. These automatic pool cleaners fall in the mid-price range of the three types of cleaners. Some of the best examples of some automatic pool cleaners include the different Polaris Pool Cleaners such as the Polaris 65 for above ground pools, or the Polaris 3900 or 360 for inground swimming pools.

The newest pool cleaners that are sweeping the nation are the robotic pool cleaners. Robotic swimming pool cleaners are easy to use and operate, all you do is take it out of the box, plug it in and you're ready to go. There are no additional tools or supplies needed. We offer a variety of Robotic Pool cleaners such as the Aquabot, the Dolphin, and the Tigershark by Hayward, just to name a few. Robotic cleaners are more expensive than the manual or pressure & suction cleaners but to most busy consumers the ease of use, the time saved, are very worth the price.

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