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Inground & Above Ground Pool Cover Pumps & Drains


Little Giant 170 GPH Pumps Away 350 GPH Little Giant Water Wizard
The Little Giant 500500 Cover Pump is designed to remove water from swimming pool covers and operates at approximately 170 Gallons per Hour. Designed for above ground pools. Pumps up to 350 GPH. Available in a standard model with manual on/off and an automatic model that turns the pump on & off depending on the water level in your pool. The Little Giant Water Wizard 1/6hp Submersible Cover Pumps operates at 1200 GPH. Suitable for all inground pools and large above ground pools. Available in 3 models.
Starting at $99.99 Starting at $45 Starting at $129.99

Dredger Cover Pumps Little Giant APCP-1700 Cover Drain (Non-Electric)
Dredger Cover Pumps are heavy duty and come in either a 1250 GPH Standard Model or a 2450 GPH High Performance Model. There are also auto or manual models available. Little Giant APCP-1700 - 1700 GPH Cover Pump 1/3 HP, 25' Cord. Uniquely designed automatic pool cover pump is ideal for removing water from all types of pool covers. This simple device economically pumps the water off your above-ground cover without electricity. Squeeze operated pump begins the flow of water and it stops automatically when the cover is drained.
Starting at $119.99 Starting at $139.99 Starting at $19





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