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Deer Creek Inground Pool Kits  Deer Creek Inground Pool Kits

Build your own inground swimming pool and save money. Click any pool kit size below for more information. When you purchase your inground pool kit we give you the largest selection of pool liners available - more than any other pool store. Get the look you REALLY want! Over 150 liner variations to choose from!

Pool Size

Steel Panels
Base Kit Price
Polymer Panels
Base Kit Price

12' x 24'
(Up to 5'-8" Deep)
$5395 $6195
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14' x 29'
(Up to 5'-8" Deep)
$5795 $6645
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16' x 34'
(Up to 8' Deep)
$6295 $7195
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18' x 36'
(Up to 8' Deep)
$6795 $7795
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20' x 40'
(Up to 8' Deep)
$7395 $8495
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22' x 44'
(Up to 8' Deep)
$7995 $9145
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Pool kit prices include: walk-out steps, handrail, pool panels, braces, bolts and hardware, re-bar stakes (when applicable), aluminum coping, swimming pool liner, skimmer, 2-main drains, 3 pool returns, 1.5 hp pump, 24" filter, ladder, rope kit. Click on a pool size to customize your pool. The basic swimming pool kit includes everything you need to build and operate your swimming pool except sand, concrete, PVC piping, an electrician and water. Click here for swimming pool construction information. Receive start-up chemicals, a pool light and an automatic pool cleaner at a discounted price. PVC piping can be purchased at you local hardware store or added to your swimming pool kit by clicking the prices button above.

Step Handrail

Walk-out Step

4 Decorative Escutcheons


Deck Anchors to make
Ladder & Handrail removable

Vinyl Liner & Rope Kit

1.5 HP Pump

24" Filter

Aluminum Coping



3 Pool Returns

2 Main Drains

Wall Panels & Bolts

A-frame Braces

Rebar Stakes

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