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Above Ground Pool Pumps and Filters

We offer pumps and filters either separately or packaged in a complete filtration system. The complete filtration systems are the best value and quality because they feature matched products directly from the manufacturer. They are guaranteed to work together very efficiently. However, if you need to replace your pool's existing pump or filter we do have replacement pumps and filters available for purchase. Please click the links below to browse our selection of above ground replacement pumps, filters, and packages.

Sand filter systems are included with new above ground pool kits. The sand filter is the best choice for most pools. You can exchange the sand filter for a Cartridge filter system or for a DE filter system. Compare all above ground pool pump and filter choices by clicking the links below. If you do not see the filter system that you want in the above ground pool kit drop box, select the skimmer & return only credit and add a filter system from the links below.

Complete Systems Replacement Pumps Replacement Filters

A complete system is the best value if you need to replace your pool's existing pump and filter or if you are building a new above ground pool and need a complete package.

Replacement pumps are available from name manufacturers such as Hayward and Waterway. We have many different models available to fit any new or existing application.

We offer replacement filters and multiport valves for several popular models. These are great if you have an existing pool pump or if you only need to purchase a filter.

Pump Timers    

A pump timer will allow you to schedule a time for your pump to turn on and off automatically. In addition to being more economical, a pump timer reduces hassle for you as well.



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