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Frog Pool & Spa 4-Way Test Strips (50 count bottle)
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Frog test strips are designed to accurately test levels for pool and spa owners using Frog products.

The only test strip able to accurately read chemical levels in water using the Frog systems.

Strips test the bromine/chlorine, pH, and total alkalinity.

Easy to use and understand.

How It Works

In 15 seconds, you can know precisely what level of chlorine or bromine is in the water, as well as whether your pH and Total Alkalinity are balanced. Simply dip the strip into the pool or spa water, hold the strip level with the water sitting on it for 15 seconds and then put it up to the color chart and compare. If you are in the ideal ranges as shown with the green arrows, then you are good to go!

Frog Pool & Spa 4-Way Test Strips (50 count bottle)
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Why should I use FROG Test Strips?

When using FROG minerals, the chlorine or bromine levels are lower. This test strip accurately reads those low levels to help you stay within the right range. This will help your chlorine pacs or bromine cartridges last longer.

What is the ideal chlorine or bromine range for FROG?

For chlorine in pools it is .5 to 1 ppm. For chlorine or bromine in spas, it is 1 to 2 ppm.

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Frog Pool & Spa 4-Way Test Strips (50 count bottle)

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