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Grass Treatment/Killer
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  • EPA registered herbicide
  • Stops nutgrass (also called nutsedge) from growing through vinyl liners
  • Sterilizes the small yellow-brown nutgrass seeds before germinating
  • Concentrated granular product


  • Recommended by leading above-ground pool manufacturers
  • Will not crack, soften or discolor vinyl liners
  • Application each spring will ensure Nutgrass does not travel back under liner


  • It is recommended that an area of one to two feet around the perimeter of the pool be treated during installation
  • Immediately after applying, use a rake to till granules into the top two to four inches of soil
  • Water with a fine mist from a hose
  • Immediately install liner after applying water
  • To insure no reinfestation, yearly treatment around the pool perimeter is recommended

Please see the chart below to determine the amount recommended for your pool size.

Round Pool Size Oval Pool Size lbs required
15' -18' 12' x 21' 2
21' - 24' 15' x 30' 4
27' - 33' 21' x 41' 6
Grass Treatment/Killer
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Grass Treatment/Killer

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