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Inground Swimming Pool Filters

Swimming pool filters come in a wide variety of sizes and models but there are three primary types of filters. They differ in the material they use to filter the water. These three types are Sand, Cartridge, and Diatomaceous Earth (commonly abbreviated D.E.). Read more about each type below. We have a wide selection of the best filters on the market, so the choice is yours!



Sand Filters

Sand filters are the most common pool filters available because of their low cost and ease of use. Water flows through into the filter - typically through a multi-port valve, then through sand that is contained in the filter body, and finally back to the multiport valve to the pool. These filters are effective for most home installations.

Cartridge Filters

Cartridge filters work a little bit different than sand filters. water flows into the filter through an input port, then through a filter "cartridge" or "element" then back through an output port into the pool. Cartridge filters will filter water as well as a sand filter.

Diatomaceous Earth (D.E.) Filters

D.E. filters usually have a multiport or slide valve attached to it that water flows into and out of the filter through. In order for a D.E. filter to operate you must add D.E. to your skimmer so that the D.E. attaches to a very fine mesh "grid" inside the filter body. The D.E. then filters the water as it passes through the filter. D.E. filters are able to filter water much more effectively than sand or cartridge filters and are preferred by some homeowners because of this.




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