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Maintenance Equipment

Pool maintenance care keeps the water clean and balanced, and your equipment functioning properly. All pools are different, and so are their maintenance needs. If you prefer to maintain and clean your own swimming pool, we carry all of your swimming pool maintenance equipment needed to properly maintain your swimming pool.

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1-1/4" 3-Year Above Ground Vacuum Hose

Item # ag-vac-hose
Prices Starting At: $32.99
This high quality 1-1/4" vac hose features rugged construction for use on an above-ground pool.
1-1/2" 4-Year Inground Vacuum Hose

Item # ig-vac-hose
Prices Starting At: $32.99
This commercial-grade 1-1/2" vac hose is used by pool service professionals everywhere.
Pool Sentry - Automatic Pool Filler

Item # NA231
Price: $79.00
Pool Sentry senses low water levels and automatically refills your pool.

Premium Aluminum Leaf Rake

Item # NA306
Price: $19.00
This professional quality leaf rake features a super-strong, yet lightweight aluminum frame that will not bend or break.
EZ Patch 28

Item # NA350
Price: $29.99
Dries underwater and matches any liner color!
The Ultimate Leaf Bagger

Item # NA316
Price: $39.00
Just attach your garden hose and telepole and turn on the water. Perfect for quick, easy spring clean-ups.

3-Piece Telepole

Item # NA302
Price: $39.00
Enjoy years of use from this professional quality telepole!
Premium Leaf Skimmer 120010B

Item # NA304
Price: $19.00
Enjoy years of use from this top quality leaf skimmer featuring a rugged, yet lightweight aluminum frame.
Vinyl Liner Vacuum Head 130010B

Item # NA308
Price: $19.00
Designed especially for vinyl liner pools, this vac head's unique brush pattern channels debris for easy removal.

Nylon Wall Brush 18" Curved 110010B

Item # NA314
Price: $19.00
Perfect for use on concrete, fiberglass, or vinyl liner pools. Thick, nylon bristles remove stubborn dirt & stains!
Clear Triangular Vacuum Head - Deluxe

Item # NA310
Price: $25.00
Get the vac that is designed to clean fiberglass and vinyl-lined pools.
Flexible Concrete Vac Head

Item # NA312
Price: $25.00
This professional quality, extra-wide 14" vac head hugs the floor as well as curves in the pool walls.

Skim-It Skimmer Extension

Item # NA300
Price: $39.00
This skimmer extension stops leaves and debris in their path and directs them into your skimmer!
50' Backwash Hose (1-1/2")

Item # NA318
Price: $25.00
This 1-1/2" x 50' commercial grade backwash hose that is 50% thicker than other hoses and UV protected to last!
100' Backwash Hose (1-1/2")

Item # NA320
Price: $49.00
This 1-1/2" x 100' commercial grade backwash hose that is 50% thicker than other hoses and UV protected to last!


If you are taking care of your swimming pool yourself and are not sure where to start, check out our Swimming Pool Maintenance Guide. Improper maintenance can be just as detrimental to a pool's health as no maintenance at all! That is why it is important to have the proper equipment and know how to use it! There are also many additional maintenance and pool resources in our Swimming Pool Tips and Tricks Blog!

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