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Natural Chemistry Clear and Perfect 32oz
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Clear & Perfect is a technologically advanced and highly concentrated pool water clarifier. Use to effectively and quickly clear problem water or to "polish" dull water by removing small suspended particles that filters cannot capture. Clear & Perfect is not pH sensitive, does not affect pool water pH, and does not contain any dyes or artificial coloring.

  • Quickly clears dull water
  • Most technologically advanced pool water clarifier
  • Ultimate 6 in 1 clarifier
  • Can be used with all filter medias

Tips & Info

  • Clear & Perfect is a polymer clarifier and cannot be used with a metal sequestrate because the polymers in both products are negatively charged and will repel one another causing clouding
  • Overdosing will cause the cloudiness to worsen as there will be too many polymers in the water
  • Clear and Perfect can be oxidized by high sanitizer levels. Ensure sanitizer levels are below 5ppm before adding product.
Natural Chemistry Clear and Perfect 32oz
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Complex multi-polymer water clarifier
Neither pH sensitive nor will it adversely affect the pH of pool water
Ready to use no mix formula
32 oz. container with spray nozzle


Spray Clear & Perfect as recommended @ 1 oz. per 4000 gallons for troubled pools over pool surface concentrating on deep water areas.
Do not overdose pool. 
Do not use Clear & Perfect within 24 hrs. of using Metal Free or any other metal or stain remover.

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Natural Chemistry Clear and Perfect 32oz

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