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Natural Chemistry Instant Conditioner 1 Gallon
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Instant Pool Water Conditioner is used for stabilizing chlorine from UV sunlight loss. It begins working to protect chlorine the instant it is added to the pool. Regular cyanuric acid with a pH of 2.8 is very acidic and it takes from 4 to 7 days to dissolve. This can cause damage to the pool surface or circulation system, depending on the method of application. Instant Pool Water Conditioner is not an acid (it's a salt) and has a pool friendly pH, so it will not damage pool surfaces or equipment.Instant Pool Water Conditioner is an easy to pour liquid that instantly protects chlorine from sunlight as soon as it is added to the pool water. 

  • Dissolves instantly
  • Pool friendly pH
  • Protects chlorine instantly
  • Will not harm any equipment or pool surfaces

Tips & Info

  • CYA is the hardest test to accurately measure. There are a few challenges to testing CYA in pool water such as: temperature (if pool water is less than 70 degrees or above 80 degrees will give an inaccurate result), pH (needs to be at 7.2), Calcium (over 300ppm will obscure results).
Natural Chemistry Instant Conditioner 1 Gallon
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1 gallon container 

One gallon adds 35 pm pool conditioner per 10,000 gallons of pool water 
Ideal stabilizer range should approximately 35 ppm.

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Natural Chemistry Instant Conditioner 1 Gallon

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