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Natural Chemistry Purge 2 Liter
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Purge attacks the root cause of most pool maintenance problems... the build-up of non-living organic waste contamination! Non-living organic contaminants like oils, lotions, sunscreen, cosmetics, hair products, and sweat are the underlying root cause of many pool issues. High non-living organic loads will cause cloudy water, hard to maintain water chemistry, clogged filters, foaming and nasty waterline rings. These contaminants collect and build-up in your pool circulation system and filter. By purging the pool of this build-up, the symptoms of high non-living organic loading will be eliminated. Purge cleans where you cannot!

  • Restores pool and large spa plumbing to original condition
  • Great for removing heavy non-living organic build up
  • Perfect for use before acid wash or resurfacing
  • Helps reduce or eliminate clogged filters, foaming, bad odors, waterline rings, and more!!!

Tips & Info

  • Performance is reduced in water with high sanitizer levels. Optimum results are obtained when chlorine level is below 5ppm 
  • Follow Purge with Natural Chemistry's Pool First Aid to clear up any debris that was flushed out during treatment
Natural Chemistry Purge 2 Liter
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Use once yearly to avoid clogged filters, scum lines, and foaming

Perfect before acid wash

Use entire 67.6 oz bottle with filter system running

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Natural Chemistry Purge 2 Liter

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