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Pool Algaecide

Royal Swimming Pools has all types of algaecide at very affordable prices in any quantity you want! Our algaecide is comparable to the leading brands such as BioGuard, KleenPool, Guardex, SUN, GLB, and more!

Algaecide 50 - 1 Quart

Item # algaecide-50
Save: $2.00 Now! $9.99
Kills and prevents all types of algae. It is non-metallic and low-foaming.
Algaecide 60 - 1 Quart

Item # algaecide-60
Price: $19.99
Algaecide 60 is our high concentrated algaecide, fights all types of algae, non-metallic, non-foaming.
Copper Algaecide - 1 Quart

Item # copper-algaecide
Price: $13.99
Uses copper to treat algae growth, and is most effective against mustard and green types of algae.

Sometimes it can be confusing to choose between different algaecides. There are different types out there and if you don't understand what each one does, it may not produce the best results. First, lets start by addressing the question of "when." When should you use algaecide? Typically an algaecide should be used weekly if you have experienced regular problems with algae in your pool. Now, if you have never had any issues with algae growth, you shouldn't need to add algaecide weekly, but using it periodically is recommended and should definitely be used when winterizing your pool to prevent any issues over the period of down-time. The fewer chemicals you have to put in the water to maintain it's great appearance and sanitization, the better! Let's say you have algae in your pool right now. You should definitely use some shock and a treatment algaecide. This type of algaecide is different than that used for weekly maintenance. This brings us to our next question, "What are the different types of algaecide?" There are two base types. Copper-Based Algaecides use copper in order to treat algae growth. Copper algaecide is very effective in treating mustard and green forms of algae. The advantage to a copper algaecide is that it will not cause foaming in a pool, however the disadvantage is that it has been known to cause stains near the surface of pools when improperly used. Quat or Polyquat Algaecides are the second main type of algaecide. These types treat and prevent algae growth. They are also much safer for your pool than a copper algaecide as they do not cause staining and do not introduce metals into the water. Quat algaecides do have a drawback because they can cause foaming. Polyquat algaecides do not but are usually more expensive.

What is Algaecide 50, 60 or 70??...The numbers confuse me! This is a question we hear quite frequently, but don't worry even though chemicals can be very intimidating, especially when you are putting them in a pool you are hoping to swim in, it can be very easy to understand when you have the right information! These algaecides (50, 60, and 70) are either quat or polyquat and have no metal in them. The number refers to the strength of the algaecide. A lower strength algaecide like algaecide 50, should be used for weekly preventative maintenance, whereas a higher concentration formula such as algaecide 60 or 70 should be used to treat algae problems. Copper algaecide is best used for treating problem algae, not necessarily for weekly maintenance. Using copper algaecide introduces metals into your pool which could cause staining. It can be more effective for black algae, mustard algae, and green algaes than the quat or polyquat algaecides but use it as sparingly as possible while still treating the problem! And whatever you do, make sure you use a quality pool shock, preferable chlorine based, when treating an algae problem. The shock will help your pool recover more quickly and reduce your swimming down-time!

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