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Pool Chlorine and Bromine

Chlorine Is The Best Way To Keep Your Pool Clean and Sanitized!

Chlorine comes in many different shapes and sizes, but no matter what, it all has the same characteristics. Chlorine is definitely the most cost effective method of pool sanitization. It is very easy to use and safe enough to sanitize drinking water, yet in more concentrated doses, it will kill bacteria, germs and viruses. When chlorine is used, it also helps keep your pool clear from any cloudiness because it oxidizes while it sanitizes - its a win-win for your pool water!

Why do you NEED chlorine in your pool? Simple, nothing purifies water like chlorine does! People, wind, rain, and dust can introduce bacteria, algae and other contaminants into your pool. When enough chlorine is added to the water to continuously combat these contaminants, your pool is said to have a "chlorine residual."

3" Chlorine Tablets

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1" Bromine Tablets

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1" Chlorine Tablets

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Prices Starting At: $47.99

What do you need to make your chlorine last longer? Stabilizer. Why would you use anything else but stabilized chlorine since it lasts the longest? The answer is very simply, stabilized chlorine is the best for daily sanitizing when chlorine will dissolve over a period of time, while unstabilized chlorine is best for shocking your pool each week οΎ– or giving it a large dose of chlorine to sanitize the water quickly.

One of the most important things to remember is that chlorine is the best way to sanitize your pool. Stabilized chlorine lasts longer, and is the best for daily chlorination. Unstabilized chlorine is the best for shocking your pool weekly, because it provides a quick, high chlorine concentration that dissipates within about 24 hours.

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