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Pool Shock

What does it mean to Shock your pool? What is Shock? Shocking is a process that adds a large amount of sanitizer (aka shock) to your pool at one time to get rid of any algae and other contaminants quickly. Shock also works as a preventative to future outbreaks, especially those caused by algae. Chlorine Pool Shock is the most widely used sanitizer when shocking your pool, however there are chlorine free/no-chlor options available.

Pool Shock - Cal Hypo

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Prices Starting At: $27.99
Pool Shock - Non Chlorine

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Prices Starting At: $34.99
Granular Chlorine Dichlor

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Prices Starting At: $39.99

There are typically only 3 types of shock to choose from. First, there is Cal-Hypo Shock. Cal-Hypo is the most common pool shock, is a high-strength shock and should be used for regular maintenance or when you have an outbreak of any contaminant or algae. One thing to note about Cal-Hypo Shock is that it is un-stabilized and it will bleach your pool liner if any substantial amount is let to set on the liner or if too much is poured in one place. Next, there is Di-Chlor. Di-Chlor shock is good for regular maintenance. It is a stabilized pool shock, will not bleach the liner and is the safest type of shock for inexperienced pool owners to use. Finally, No-Chlor Shock is your other option. Some customers may have a UV system, Mineral System, Ozonator, or may just not want to introduce chlorine into the water. This is where Non-Chlorine Shock comes in. It oxidizes any contaminants in the water and will not stain or bleach a vinyl liner pool.

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