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Pool Stain Removal Chemicals

Have stains on your pool wall? High calcium levels causing buildup at the waterline or too many metal particles in the water? Our stain, scale, metal and grime removal chemicals are here to treat whatever problems your pool may have.

Pool Stain & Scale Remover (Metal Out) - 1 Quart

Item # pool-stain-scale-remover
Price: $12.99
Say goodbye to stains and water line build-up with Stain and Scale Remover!
Natural Chemistry Metal Free 1 Liter

Item # natural-chemistry-07001
Price: $25.99
METALfreeis a highly effective metal deactivation agent that prevents staining and discoloration from trace metals such as iron and copper.
Natural Chemistry Stain Free Extra Strength 1.75lbs

Item # natural-chemistry-07395
Price: $32.99
Quickly removes metal staining on all surfaceswithout adding phosphates to your water.

Natural Chemistry Stain Free 1.75lbs

Item # natural-chemistry-07400
Price: $24.99
All natural citric acid product thateliminates metal staining to pool liners and finishes.
Natural Chemistry SCALEfree 2 liter

Item # natural-chemistry-07511
Price: $32.99
Protects your pool from the damaging effects of scale build-up and staining due to excessive calcium, iron, copper, and other minerals.
Natural Chemistry Calcium Hardness Increaser 1.75 lbs

Item # natural-chemistry-04105
Price: $9.99
Spa Calcium Hardness Increaseris used to raise calcium hardness in spa water.

No matter what type of swimming pool you have, whether it be gunite, fiberglass, or vinyl liner, stains can form that may ruin its look. These unsightly stains can be caused by many things, even organic materials such as plants, leaves, small branches can cause stains and buildup. Stains caused by organic items have a tendency to be black or a tann-ish brown - almost rust-colored stain. Excessive levels of metal in the water can also cause staining in your swimming pool. If you filled your pool with well water, you are more prone to having excess metals. Low pH or total alkalinity levels lead to staining as well, which is why maintaining your chemical balance regularly is important. Determining the type of stain you have is important to determine the product used to treat the it. We do recommend that you follow a regularᅠweekly maintenance scheduleᅠto keep your pool in tip top shape and STAIN-FREE!

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